Too Late for Haiti: the Life-Saver in a 40-Foot Container

A life saving opportunity was recently brought to my attention when I became involved with raising capital to commercialise a revolutionary mobile water purification unit that has been developed by team of scientists in Scandinavia. The Only Water unit is built within a standard 40-foot container that can be transported virtually anywhere, placed next to any water source and will provide drinking water for 25,000 people a day. This calculation is based on a UN study that the average human being requires 15 litres (four gallons) of clean water a day for drinking and basic hygiene. 

In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, the benefits of the Only Water unit for natural disaster relief sprang immediately to mind. This was further put into context this morning when I clicked a link on a  Twitter post to an article on one of the Haiti relief sites. The agency is doing a fantastic job and plans to install 2,300 water purification units over the next 30 days and provide training for the operators. It went on to say how the largest three units they have already installed are providing 45,000 gallons of drinking water a day. Now I don’t know how big these units are or how long they took to install, but I do know that a single Only Water unit will produce 86,000 gallons a day. It also requires very little maintenance or specialist operator training, thanks to its patented self-cleaning technology.

It’s a fantastic life-saving product, so I guess if I really want to do something good for planet I need to get that money raised and Only Water launched fast …


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