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Hosted CRM: 3 Steps to Industry Superstar Status

Hosted CRM, also known as on demand CRM is in the vanguard of technologies that fall under the headings software as a service (saas) or cloud computing. Extensive research on the prospects for the sector puts annual growth estimates in high double digit percentages and anecdotal evidence from the independent software vendors (ISVs) that I speak with supports this. Unsurprisingly, the fastest growth is expected among SMEs in Asia.

By outsourcing CRM, companies are transfering the mundane, time-consuming IT functions to experts that can achieve economies of scale, therefore freeing up internal IT staff to play more strategic roles. It also changes the expenditure model from buying (capital expenditure) to renting (paying on-demand).

The Asia CRM Software Industry Forum website contains some excellent research, analysis and comment, including a piece on the evolution of hosted CRM over the last decade which puts the vibrant growth of the sector in good perspective. Three distinct stages of development are charted in the full article, which you can see here