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Midwives: A Reflection on the Freedom of Birthing Positions

A friend of mine in the UK recently contacted me through Facebook to support her mother-in-law’s campaign to win a grant in Barclays Bank’s One Small Step Competition to turn a fantastic idea into a business. It is a head-slappingly simple invention that enables midwives to work with mothers in any birthing position and it’s called the Howes Birth Mirror

The idea got the second most comments out of thousands of entries, the most supporters in the south of England and the most comments out of the entire manufacturing and engineering category, but has not gone through to the late stages of the competition. A lack of vision on behalf of the judges, I suspect, because the Howes Birth Mirror has already sold 1,000 units all over the world just through word of mouth! It’s a funny thing for a mere marketing guy to be writing about, I know, but I have witnessed first hand on five occasions the fantastic job that midwives do and consequently have a huge amount of respect and affection for them. Oh, and I also know a great business idea when I see one!

I have no financial interest in the project whatsoever, but it deserves this little effort as a “thank you” for the fantastic children that midwives have delivered for me and the infinite happiness that my “five stars” have brought into my life as a result. So here are a few things you can do to to help this wonderful idea to take off:

1.  Watch the video clip from BBC News. Virginia Howes is a real character, so it’s an entertaining two minutes! The video Virginia made for the Barclays competition will pop up next to it on YouTube and I recommend you watch that too. Rate the videos, comments and add to your favourites. 

2.  Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post – just a 🙂 will do!

3.  Send a link to this blog post to everyone you know – for example through Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging or email. If you know an influential blogger on childbirth, then even better!

4.  If you are on Facebook add Virginia Howes as a friend.

5.  If you are on Twitter, retweet one of my tweets or tweet yourself sending the video link and using the hashtags #Midwives and #HowesMirror at the end of your tweet. Keep #HowesMirror as a permanent search so you can watch support grow and get further updates.

6.  Bookmark this post somewhere if you’re into that and/or “Digg” it to raise awareness further.

As a minimum, you can just watch the video and leave a comment.

Bottom line is this. If enough people show support it will be easy to raise the $50,000 required to turn the Howes Birth Mirror into the business success it deserves to be. So click now and you’ll be doing something fantastic – as Virginia herself says in the video – for mothers, for midwives and for society!

If you haven’t done so already, watch the video now!